Follow Your Own Path

Hey Treasurers!

In life we are often told to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc. There's nothing wrong with any of those professions, but is that your passion? Are you pursuing someone else's dream? At a young age I wanted to be a Veterinarian because I loved animals, specifically dogs. As I got older I was unsure what I wanted become. I say all this to say that I never knew I would be an entrepreneur. I never talked about becoming one, nor did I know anything about how to be one! I can say this journey hasn't been a breeze, especially being a single mother, working a full time job, and running a business. A lot of sleepless nights, hard work and dedication. I know the fruits of my labor will pay off in the long run, so I continue to grind and move forward. I thought I loved making jewelry until I branched off into blinging any and everything! I've always loved how bling adds that sparkle detail to things. That's when I found my passion! Although I have many people try to encourage me to continue making the jewelry from when I first started, I have to "FOLLOW MY OWN PATH." You can't please everyone, but you can control your own happiness! Do what makes you happy!